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Via Web Interface:

  1. Go to GCP -> VPC network -> firewall rules -> create (or click this link)
  2. Fill in the relevant fields. make sure "direction" is "Ingress" and "Action on match" is "Allow"
  3. For "protocols and ports", check TCP and only allow 443 (or other ports)
  4. for "Source IP ranges", enter every IP from the list manually.

Via command line:

gcloud compute --project=YOUR-PROJECT firewall-rules create NAME --direction=INGRESS --priority=1000 --network=default --action=ALLOW --rules=tcp:443 --source-ranges=,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2400:cb00::/32,2606:4700::/32,2803:f800::/32,2405:b500::/32,2405:8100::/32,2a06:98c0::/29,2c0f:f248::/32