Hello! I'm Hunter Ray, commonly referred to as my screen name "Judge" or "Judge2020". I'm a student at Georgia Cyber Academy with experience in PHP and Python and i'm currently expanding my knowledge to Golang. Here i'll post random blog posts about things that I find interesting or miscellaneous happenings in my life.

Past Experience

Corporate Clash

At 16 I founded Corporate Clash, a non-profit organization aiming to revive an old MMORPG called Toontown Online. I was the lead website developer, building our website in Laravel PHP using framework features like blade files, jobs, migrations, etc.

As the sole backend developer at launch, I was the main support personnel for issues people had with their account or the website in general. We had a ticket volume of over 10 account support tickets a day for the first two months, and all were resolved within 3 days.

Corporate Clash is still operational to this day, and is available at corporateclash.net.

Cloudflare Community Forum

While not official experience, I've had a great time helping out anyone who has an issue with their Cloudflare service and goes to the Cloudflare Community Forums for help. You can find my CF Community profile here.

First Communities

In the summer of 2017, I took an IT internship at First Communities setting up and provisioning computers for new employees.